Moulsecoomb Community Market
The market will be back open on
Wednesday, 8th April 2024 (GREEN)
Please note the market will be closed on
Wednesday, 15th May 2024 and Wednesday, 22nd May 2024


Our Moulsecoomb Community Market (based on the social supermarket model) is about giving people some dignity and choice about what food they eat as well as providing access to a more varied and healthy diet. People are asked to pay a very small, nominal feel for membership and that entitles them to choose a fixed number of items that are coloured coded according to cost and/or availability. This is what residents wanted, when we asked them.

We are not in competition with the local shops, we are not in competition with supermarkets, we are a community led group that aims to make life a little easier for the people that are struggling the most...

Moulsecoomb & Bevendean is on the outskirts of Brighton a world away from the bright lights, the piers, the Lanes and the night life. It houses several large estates and many people have lived here for years and have generations of their families living close by. It is a close knit and friendly community.

However, it is very much part of the ‘other‘ face of Brighton. Many people in the ward really struggle with the expense of day to day living and Moulsecoomb, in particular, has already been identified as being in the top 10% of the most deprived areas in Britain. Unemployment rates are high and health outcomes are well below the national average. There is mounting evidence of increasing poverty and hunger and the pandemic only served to highlight and exacerbate the huge divide between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have nots’ in Brighton. See official – pre pandemic - BHCC data for the relevant information

We currently open once a week and aim to provide people with some of the basic cupboard items, fresh fruit, vegetables and household items freeing them up to spend more elsewhere, on meat and dairy products and on utilities. We also provide recipe ideas to encourage people to be more adventurous and to prepare more of their food themselves.
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Moulsecoomb Community Market, St George's Hall, Newick Road, Brighton, BN1 9JG
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